My work in progress

So THIS is what’s been going on…

2021/24/04- New book soon to come!

This last two months have been a hype. Not only is the Broken Seraph trilogy getting more attention, but I even got heart-warming reader feedback. I must say I didn’t expect females to find it particularly exciting but it’s happening. Let’s raise a cup to that!

On another note, I stormed through my current project and finished the first draft surprisingly fast. The Book’s title is “The Bimbo Guesthouse” and while you’ll still find the classic female bimbofication, it is also my first book to feature feminization, Trans-gender and sissy themes. There’s a fair share of humillation and cuckold too!

I originally conceived it as a treat for my many TG and sissy followers on instagram, but I have to admit that, as a straight guy, I got pretty heated up writing it. Trust me when I say anyone can enjoy it.

Now it’s edition time (And cover design… and art promotion, and a lot more.)

2021/21/02- Turning the page.

Finally! the Broken Seraph series is finished and I must say I’m very satisfied with the results. I went through an ordeal to design and draw proper covers by myself, but the effort was worth it. Not only do they look great, but I’ve learned how to make realistic shading in Corel Draw. I never thought too highly of my graphic art, but a new world of possibilities has emerged.

I don’t plan to add another book to this series any time soon (maybe a spin-off sometime in the future?) but I will certainly update the comic every now and then. I haven’t had any requests by readers, but you CAN ask for a comic page or even GIF from a particular scene you enjoyed in the books.

Now let’s wait and hope for some reader love. I told myself I’d take a break from writing but my Bimbo-crazed head just won’t stop. I’m swarming with ideas for the next book. All I can hint about it is… it may be my first book with TG content.

See you around!

2020/27/11- It´s decided…

During the last months, and despite my promotion efforts, the Broken Seraph books haven’t sold half as well as my first book “The Test.” I guess Bimbofication readers prefer more down-to-earth stories they can relate to. I have nothing against The Test. I love that devious little book, but I expected at least similar success from the other ones, and it threw me off a bit. I was about to embark on something different and take a break from Broken Seraph, but after a lot of comings and goings, I´ve decided to finish the trilogy.

Why not? I´ve enjoyed this series an awful lot, so it disserves a proper ending, whether it sells or not. As long as it reaches a handful of readers who like it, I´ll consider myself a happy guy. There will be time for additional cookie-cutter stories. Those are easy to come up with! So there it is… Time to shake the dust off and rearrange all the mischievous plots that shall bring you Broken Seraph Book 3 – Ada (The Fall of a Goddess)

2020/12/08- Update!

Broken Seraph Book II is up! I’ll take a break before I dive into my next project (I have one particular in mind). I’ll use this pause to promote my current books and see where that takes me. Stick around; there will be significant art updates regarding Broken Seraph.

2020/ 07 – Fallen Angels?

I have finally finished the first draft for book 2 of the trilogy. (YAY!) Before I get into details about it, I’d like to tell you that I’m considering a few radical changes to the whole series. Starting with the title itself. Fallen Angels is a nice-sounding title, but it’s vastly overused. If you google it in amazon, you’ll get a zillion books with the exact same name. I believe a slightly more original aproach would be Broken Seraph. It’s just as strong and makes sense, since the main characters are Seraphs. I have to decide between using the word Seraph or Seraphs (plural).

Then there is a funny issue with one of the characters. I named her Micah, without too much inquiry because it sounded good in my ear as a female name. In my country, it’s a widespread short for Micaela. However, adding that “angelic” h at the end makes it a variation of Michael and an absolute MALE name. So yes, I screwed up. I have to find a replacement and change it in the already published book 1 since she is one of the main characters in book 2.

I’m redesigning the cover for a less childish look, with better wings and cleaner text.

So about book II: I must admit I got carried away. I had an avalanche of plot ideas that came crushing down the mountain of my bald head and couldn’t stop it on time. Now I have on the screen a 32.000-word book when the first was a little over 20.000.

I usually say bigger is better, but it only applies to boobies and account savings. An extremely long book can suffer from wordy sentences, and those must be avoided like the plague.

The good news is that it’s always easier to trim an overgrown bush than growing the missing parts.

Last but not least: Adverbs. Those sneaky fuckers have the nasty habit of ruining the best sentences. If only I could search every word ending with “-ly” and erase it… but alas. Hard work of sorting the good from the ugly awaits me. And even when you get the smelly ones quarantined, you have to search for proper idiomatic replacements.

Boromir says it best:

When I publish, I’ll update the covers on my main page. Don’t forget to check on a regular basis (I was gonna say regularly, but Boromir is staring at me). I’m preparing something special to celebrate Book 2 as soon as it’s up.


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