Bimbo dreams come true

Boob Jobs: Reasons to get one, and reasons to absolutely get one.

I’ll get serious now, because once I dive into plastic-lust mode, it’s over. Boob jobs are NOT for everyone. There, I said it. There are a few rare, unlikely reasons why someone would chose not to undergo a breast augmentation surgery and even be right about it. Crazy, I know… Let’s check them out: ReasonContinue reading “Boob Jobs: Reasons to get one, and reasons to absolutely get one.”

B( .)( .)BS

You read the word and clicked. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because you can’t help it. Just like when a walking lady bounces a giant pair of bazoongas in front of you. You are driven by an inexplicable magnetism, an unstoppable force of nature like a volcano. Or two. We love boobs. All of usContinue reading “B( .)( .)BS”

Dumb = hot ?

The word Bimbo derives from the Italian “Bambino” (Kid) and originated as a pejorative term toward adults with childish and stupid behavior. So there you have it: A bimbo’s main attribute seems to be her stupidity. For starters, I don’t believe children to be stupid. However, there are one or two things that Bimbos shareContinue reading “Dumb = hot ?”

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