Dumb = hot ?

The word Bimbo derives from the Italian “Bambino” (Kid) and originated as a pejorative term toward adults with childish and stupid behavior. So there you have it: A bimbo’s main attribute seems to be her stupidity.

For starters, I don’t believe children to be stupid. However, there are one or two things that Bimbos share with kids in the way they live their lives:

  • They enjoy the present
  • They seek fun above all else
  • They don’t overthink (different from being dumb)
  • They won’t stop until they get what they want
  • They are true to themselves and transparent to others.

Not so bad, is it?

Well, that’s just me. Mainstream authors (even bestsellers) seem to respect this characteristic idiocy as something that is supposed to be hot. They will underline, over and over again, those vacant stares and brainwashed minds to get to the reader.

It doesn’t work for me. I believe I speak for most men when I say: A stupid big breasted blonde with feline movements is hot despite her dumbness and not because of it. Stupid women are shallow and uninteresting.

Yet there is a catch…

A woman acting stupid is a whole different story. Follow me on this one:

Let’s say your girl is hot, intelligent, smart, and proud of herself. Picture her as someone who won’t take shit from anyone. The kind of woman that will not turn your logic argument into feelings, but actually enjoy tearing down your facts. Scary.

But she likes you. In fact, she fancies you so much that you are laying on the bed wearing your elephant underpants ready to make love to her. She will return from the bathroom anytime now.

When the door opens, she is wearing long net socks, high heels, and very tight bras that cannot contain her knockers. As you stand up in shock, she kneels in front of you and puts a finger in her pouting mouth. Suddenly her eyes are those of an inexperienced teen, and her voice trembles. “-insertyournamehere-, I’m so horny. can I play with you?”

The otherwise know-it-all complex monument of a woman is acting like a dumb slut just for your mutual pleasure. Now, that’s hot.

Yes, some men prefer a commanding partner. In the privacy of bedrooms and showers, there are kinks for all tastes. But I will risk stating that the vast majority of men don’t get easily turned on with their woman yammering about supermarket pricing or climate change as they strip. No, thank you.

In bed, we like it simple and dumb. All the more if she is smart. When she acts like that, the message reaching out is flattering. She is telling her man, she doesn’t care about anything but pleasure. It means she is relaxed and committed.

Do you agree?

One thought on “Dumb = hot ?

  1. Haha! Totally agree! Maybe men like dumb women because they “THINK” they are just easier to get… Nothing hotter than an actual intelligent woman who knows how to play dumb!

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