Speaking of Empowerment…

In a world where the third wave feminism is growing steadily, one has to wonder: Where does bimbofication stand? Is it a patriarchy flag destined to burn, or is it a whole different thing?

Feminism used to be about equality of rights. Essential issues like women being able to vote. No decent person could disagree with those principles. Yet the actual wave is a whole different animal. Somehow Empowerment has more to do with a war of the sexes than equality of rights. The truth is equality of outcome has jumped silently in the mix, reeking off Marxist agenda. Now, if you call yourself a feminist you have to buy the whole pack: Pro-abortion, anti-capitalism, socialism, the war against males, gender pay gap, destruction of the traditional family and values, and so forth. No wonder why the vast majority of women today don’t identify as feminists. Not these feminists.

Let’s leave that paragraph there to dry in the sun. Who cares about the destruction of western society and fundamental values anyway? It’s time to talk about the important stuff: Bimbofication.

We can agree without risk of a quarrel that bimbofication is the over-sexualization of a woman (and sometimes man, but I will focus on the first ones). Bimbos have existed from ancient times, but only regained social notoriety after the boom of plastic surgery in the 80s. Bimbos are so proud of their femininity; that they advocate most of their time, money and efforts, to boost it to unseen levels. Nowadays, as hairy underarms try to make their way into the new womanhood, these long-haired, smooth-skinned, big-breasted girls may seem like the dying breed of an ancient time. Let me tell you… nothing further from the truth.

Bimbos are not afraid of biological differences, they embrace them. Bimbos don’t rant. Why should they? They don’t perceive themselves as victims or cry over any kind of glass ceiling. Bimbos live their femininity at it’s best and enjoy every little part of it. They understand that women have been granted a weapon that is overwhelming to men: Sex. It’s funny how bimbos are usually considered to be dumb. (I’ll make a separate post on that) They happen to be smart enough to boost their natural weapon and greatly benefit from it. Any given bimbo will get more attention in a week, than a third wave angry feminist will get in her whole life. Of course that boosting your sex appeal will ease your way through life, no matter your gender. However, since men are so particularly simple-minded around sex, it is women who have the highest potential to use this to their advantage. This is not new. The average housewife and girlfriend use sex regularly to either punish or reward their mates. It has worked for them, and it will continue to work for centuries to come.

Imagine you are walking the dog, and a smoking hot, positive, smiling person of your preferred sex engages you in casual conversation. I bet he/she will get your absolute attention, and the whole world will melt around you for the duration of the chat. Now exchange that person for an angry victimized, ugly, and politically influenced individual. Yes, that’s what I thought!

Who of the two has more power over you? We both know the answer to that. Bimbos know the answer to that.

Until the day we become androids stripped of all hormonal reactions, Bimbofication is a valid – if not the most natural – path to Empowerment. I salute the brave gals who make the world prettier and sexier. Let my books and kinky stories be a tribute to these superwomen!

5 thoughts on “Speaking of Empowerment…

  1. Do you think it is something wrong with women getting paid the same to do the same job as a man? I am not talking about different work that may not be suitable for equal salary


    1. Hi Petrina, of course not. As far as I know, that’s the case for the vast majority of jobs. In my opinion gender pay gap is not an issue. I have not known 1 woman in my workplace who was underpaid for her job compared to a guy who did the same thing. I DO think unfair paygap exists but not exclusively favoring men over women. In my country at least, the biggest unfair pay gap issue is between friends / relatives of powerful ppl, VS the average guy or woman who has to work their way to the top by themselves. At least that’s what I’ve seen over and over again throughout the years in different jobs.

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  2. Wellll. The angry feminist (that could be me haha) knows something that you and the type of bimbo described don’t know: nowadays men’s opinion is indifferent

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    1. I wish that was the case! Most angry feminist are not indifferent to confronting opinions. They are quick to criminalize or put labels to anyone who dares question their agenda, (Men, woman or Bimbo). But hey… at least you took your time to comment. So thanks, and welcome!


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