Boob Jobs: Reasons to get one, and reasons to absolutely get one.

I’ll get serious now, because once I dive into plastic-lust mode, it’s over. Boob jobs are NOT for everyone. There, I said it. There are a few rare, unlikely reasons why someone would chose not to undergo a breast augmentation surgery and even be right about it. Crazy, I know… Let’s check them out:

Reason 1- Health issues.

Reason 2- Money issues.

Reason 3- There is no valid reason against it beyond 1 and 2…

Now that we got the negative stuff out of the way, let’s get into some common sense facts. Everyone loves boobs. I’ve stated the reasons for it in my dedicated article, so if you don’t agree, go and read it. I may change your mind.

If you were to break down what men and women want in their couples, taking out all the politically correct garbage, It would look something like this:

WOMEN WANT: 1-Economic Solvency equal or above hers (or the potential to get it) 2-Power/fame/influence (because it gets number 1) 3- a guy that makes her feel unique 4-Good looks and sex (because it adds up to number 3) 5- The validation of other women (Getting an Alpha male ALSO ads to 3)

MEN WANT: 1-Good looks and sex 2- A woman who makes him feel important 3- Food (because it gets number 2)

Clearly, people are a lot more complex than that, and you may be tempted to shout in my face things like “Hey! I want him to be funny more than power or fame” or “Bullshit! I can cook myself, but she needs to be sincere above anything else.” So be it, the fact remains true that MOST women will melt over famous, rich guys who are charismatic and happen to be surrounded by other women. (notice I didn’t say anything about their looks) and MOST men will gasp and drool over women who are extraordinarily hot. Period.

If you are a man, I’ll ask a ridiculous outlandish question: WHAT IF… you could get a simple chest surgery that would turn you into an object of desire for 90% of women? Let’s say they put a device in there that gives you the charisma of a dandy and the confidence of a stallion. It would cost several thousand dollars, but you would go from average Joe to Irresistible stud in a few hours.

Would you do it? YES

Even if you had to save for a long time? YES

Even if you already have a significant other? PROBABLY YES

Even if there was a slight risk of the surgery going wrong? HELL YES

But as it turns out, there is no such surgery… for men. But women have boob jobs. That is precisely what a boob job does: It turns you from average Jane, to irresistible hottie in a few hours. Men are simple creatures. So simple, that you can boost your sex appeal a zillion points just by stuffing plastic bags in your chest. Idiotic, yes, but true.

Men who say they don’t like fake looks most likely lie. You will catch them ogling at plasticized bosoms like the rest of us any day.

“I don’t need weirdos fawning over me all day, thank you.” Oh… right. You are a respectable, mature, and confident woman. That’s fine. The funny part is, the power of a boob job always adds up. You can be a respectable, mature, confident SCORCHING HOT woman too. How is that a bad thing?

If I was a woman, knowing how the wheel rolls, I would definitely get a boob job. You girls don’t even realize the staggering power that a pair of silicone bags can provide. I have yet to meet a woman who went for it and regretted it. I do know a bunch who got them: Very different in ages, occupation, lifestyles and whatnot. But they have 1 or 2 things in common:

Plastic stuffed boobs and a big smile on their faces.

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